Albert Einstein is acknowledged as the smartest man of the twentieth century. His scientific achievements forged a new course in human history yet he was also gifted with deep reservoirs of philosophical and religious insight.  One of his most famous quotes asks us to consider a question: “The most important decision we can make is whether this is a friendly or hostile universe. From that one decision all others spring.”

Our response to this thoughtful inquiry not only reveals a great deal about our inner life, it actually determines the basis of our religious beliefs.  A friend is a person and that which is friendly is personal.  Certainty about this, even our faith, while a matter of personal religious experience, confirms that relationship is a fundamental of both cosmic philosophy and true religion.  To assert that the universe is friendly to me is to embrace a wonderful bundle of liberating truths!

A friendly universe posits a personal creator, a God I can know and who knows me.  For mortals this relationship is best expressed in terms of father and child.  Love is the force that unites parents and children and creates a transcendent bond, across human families and generations, across the incomprehensible gulf of God and man.  Such a relationship, such a love, inspires trust and security – the hallmarks of healthy parent / child relations.  Every son or daughter fully trusts his or her loving father.

And such are the seeds of spiritual faith, that complex hybrid of emotion (love) and attitude (trust).  The emotional superattitude of faith actually becomes something much greater than the sum of its foundational elements.  Faith is the key that unlocks the superconscious realms of the mind, those circuits of divinity that lie within the grasp of any faither.  The voluntary (loving and trusting) subordination of our human will frees us to dance in the embrace of God.

Perhaps it was just this divine access that the scientist enjoyed when his fertile imagination explored the depths of matter… where he also discovered deep layers of mind and visions of spirit.

The artist invites you to ponder: Do we live in a friendly universe?